Nietzsche and Heraclitus in Blood Meridian

cf. to Judge Holden, "If war is not holy man is nothing but antic clay." p. 307

cf. Heraclitus fragmenta:

"War is both father and king of all; some he has shown forth as gods and others as men, some he has made slaves and others free." (53)

"It should be understood that war is the common condition, that strife is justice, and that all things come to pass through the compulsion of strife." (80)

From Zarathustra:

I tell you: one must have chaos within oneself, to give birth to a dancing star. (Prologue, 5)

I would only believe in a God that knows how to dance. (I.7)

vs. the theme of dancing and the judge as a skilled dancer.

From GM:

Without cruelty there is no festival: thus the longest and most ancient part of human history teaches — and in punishment there is so much that is festive! (2.VI) [In this one the link to BM is especially appreciable.]

That every will must consider every other will its equal [ie. Kant's categorical imperative] — would be a principle hostile to life, an agent of the dissolution and destruction of man, an attempt to assassinate the future of man, a sign of weariness, a secret path to nothingness. (2.XI)

It is possible to imagine a society flushed with such a sense of power that it could afford to let its offenders go unpunished. (2.XI)
Written on July 7, 2009