Battles over the word 'science'

1. Thomas Carlyle's Foresight
It is admitted on all sides, that the Metaphysical and Moral Sciences are falling into decay, while the Physical are engrossing, every day, more respect and attention ... This condition of the two great departments of knowledge; the outer, cultivated exclusively on mechanical principles---the inward finally abandoned, because, cultivated on such principles, it is found to yield no result---sufficiently indicates the intellectual bias of our time, its all-pervading disposition towards that line of enquiry. In fact, an inward perusasion has long been diffusing itself, and now and then even comes to utterance, that except the external, there are no true sciences; that, to the inward world (if there be any) our only conceivable road is through the outward; that, in short, what cannot be investigated and understood mechanically, cannot be investigated and understood at all.
- Edinburgh Review, 1829, Vol. 49, pp. 444-447

2. Ruskin growls a warning:
It has become the permitted fashion among modern mathematicians, chemists, and apothecaries, to call themselves 'scientific men', as opposed to theologians, poets, and artists. They know their sphere to be a separate one; but their ridiculous notion of its being a peculiarly scientific one ought not to be allowed in our Universities. There is a science of Morals, a science of History, a science of Grammar, a science of Music, and a science of Painting; and all these are quite beyond comparison higher fields for human intellect, and require accuracies of intenser observation, than either chemistry, electricity, or geology.
- John Ruskin, Ariade Florentina, 1874.

3. And another:
The use of the word scientia, as if it differed from knowledge, [is] a modern barbarism; enhanced usually by the assumption that the knowledge of the difference between acids and alkalies is a more respectable one than that of the difference between vice and virtue.
- "The Three Colours of Pre-Raphaelitism" 1878.
Written on September 6, 2009