Visualizing the intellectual network of heliophysics

Here is a heliophysics community to investigate using co-citation analysis. Nodes represent articles and edges connect articles that were cited together in more than three other articles between 1960 and 2010.

My procedure:

  1. I started with a list of 209 living (or recently deceased) scientists who contributed to solar physics.
  2. I used Web of Science to generate 5,742 articles co-authored by these scientists, then down-selected the top 1,000 most cited articles from the period 1960 to 2010.
  3. I used Sci2 Tool and this tutorial by Scott Weingart to generate a co-citation graph from these articles.
  4. I used Gephi to visualize the graph, filtering and resizing nodes by their centrality and displaying only those articles that strongly influenced other authors in the set.
Written on August 30, 2019